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Sign up for a R2lab account

  • All information about how to register and schedule a node

Shell tools available in the R2lab gateway

  • Discover how to do basic control of the nodes by logging in at the gateway from a regular ssh session :
  • how to check for the nodes status, leases, images, and phones even.

Examples of experimentation scripts with nepi-ng

nepi-ng : install

  • How to install nepi-ng on your laptop

nepi-ng : the basics - a.k.a. the A series

  • A couple examples to get started with the nepi-ng network tool:
  • A1 : simplest way to run a simple ping from to
  • A2 : same functions, but can pass a slice name on the command line
  • A3 : run the ping from a node instead of from the gateway
  • A4 : check for a valid reservation
  • A5 : run ping between two nodes inside the chamber, on the wired network

nepi-ng : wireless - a.k.a. the B series

  • A few more pings to see how one can initialize and configure wireless links
  • B1 : like A5, but on a wireless ad hoc network
  • B2 : same scenario, simplified by using r2lab-id
  • B3 : same scenario, but extract all the shell code in a single external file
  • B4 : add an infinite loop that prints out TICK every second
  • B5 : same but using a Watch instance for showing elapsed time instead

nepi-ng : file exchange - a.k.a. the C series; a full loop doing file transfers, i.e.:

  • A set of examples that deal with file transfers, using SFTP to and from the nodes; and that show an example of file transfer between two nodes
  • C1 : a random file is produced locally, and pushed on one node,
  • C2 : then transferred to a second node using netcat over the wired network,
  • C3 : and retrieved back on the local laptop where it is compared with the original;
  • C3bis : a variant on C2, that deals with a service that is started and stopped in sync with another job.

nepi-ng : preparation - a.k.a. the D series;

  • A set of examples that deal with preparing the testbed from a nepi-ng script, like
  • D1 : adding a command-line option to load images,
  • D2 : turning off unused nodes while loading images,
  • D3 : passing chosen nodes on the command line,
  • D4 : using a nested scheduler, for more modular scripts.

nepi-ng : troubleshooting guidelines

nepi-ng: real scale examples

  • MULTI_PING : dealing with any number of nodes, run pings between all couples of nodes.

Other stuff

R2lab and OpenAirInterface

  • Some indications on the features present on R2lab to deploy experiments based on OpenAirInterface.


Video tutorials on YouTube

  • End-to-End Experiment : Running a wireless experiment end-to-end.
  • OAI 5G experiment : Setting up an OpenAirInterface-based 5G infrastructure, and a tour in the chamber using Skype on a commercial android phone.

Using notebooks


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