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About X and vnc sessions

VNC sessions

if your laptop runs a VNC client, that's the easy way to run interactive tools on faraday

on faraday

faraday runs a vnc server, and here is how to create a VNC tunnel

example from a MAC:

  • ssh -L localhost:5901:vnc-your_slicename:5900
  • while this is running I can use e.g. the VNC Viewer app on the MAC
    and connect to localhost:1, in order to get an interactive X11 session on faraday
  • using port e.g. 5902 instead of 5901 means I need to connect to localhost:2

other OS'es:

  • significantly easier from a linux box

    vncviewer -shared -via vnc-your_slicename
  • see detailed instructions for other OS'es here (on faraday itself):

    less /usr/share/doc/vncserver-sop/README.txt

    where you replace SERVER with and LOGIN with your_slicename

X11 sessions

if your laptop already runs an X server, you can create an X11 tunnel using either of openssh's native -X or -Y options

on faraday

ssh -Y
firefox &

on a node

providided that the node OS has the X clients installed

ssh -Y ssh -Y root@fit01
xterm &