NEPI: Network Experiment Programming Interface

NEPI is a Python-based library to model and run network experiments on a variety of network evaluation platforms, including PlanetLab, OMF wireless testbeds, ns-3 simulators, and others. It allows to specify resources to use in an experiment, to define experiment workflow constraints and to automate deployment, resource control and result collection.

Features :
  • Automatic experiment deployment
  • Automatic result collection
  • Interactive experimentation
  • Hybrid experiments with multiple platforms
  • Free open source license (GPLv2)
$ sudo pip install nepi

This will take care of the ipaddr and networkx dependencies.


Within this framework, you can update to the latest stable version of NEPI by simply running:

$ sudo pip install nepi --upgrade

If you also need functions related to matplotlib and pygraphviz, you can have the python code for these two tools installed using an explicit.

$ sudo pip install matplotlib pygraphviz

However, please be aware that for this command to succeed, you will need to have the corresponding C libraries installed first by another method (see details).

Experiments with NEPI: